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What is a

Outer fabric and back fabricstick together.

EASY WRAPPER© is a wrapping cloth without tapes, buttons, zippers as such and doesn’t unwrap when carrying in your hand or bag.
With its cushioning characteristics, EASY WRAPPER© protects your valuable delicate items.
You can wrap large items such as tripod stands.
Outer fabric and back fabric stick together.


/Hook-and-loop fastener

The degrees of thickness of EASY WRAPPER®’s hook side(A) and loop side(B) are 1/100 and 1/200 to Hook-and-loop fastener’s fabric.
The degrees of density are 275 x and 100 x more.


Structure of general hook and loop fastener

Two faces stick to each other by hooking with loops.
As prominent part will be worn away by time, the sticking strength
on each side becomes weaker and weaker as  time passes by.

Structure of

Hook side(A) and Loop side(B) don’ t get tangled to each faces
and just stick firmly with a semipermanent grip.

Blue : Hook of Hook-and-loop fastener
Pink : Fiber of EASY WRAPPER

Blue : Loop of Hook-and-loop fastener
White : Loop of EASY WRAPPER

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